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We Offer Classes in All Styles and in All Levels


Our ballet classes are taught by qualified professionals trained in classical ballet techniques. We teach dancers of all levels the fundamentals necessary to be successful in ballet, as well as in more contemporary styles of dance.


We provide training in pre-pointe, and pointe for the more advanced ballet dancer.


Our contemporary class strengthens ours dancers technically, pushes them to develop movement quality and control, as well as discover freedom in movement, enhance their creativity and share stories through dance movement.


Our contemporary classes also introduce students to modern techniques in Horton


Our Jazz Classes are fun and energetic, teaching students jazz techniques that are stylized, contemporary and classical and helpful for the dancer interested in school dance teams.

Hip Hop

Our hip hop classes present innovative choreography to our students, teaches them movement quality, introduces new, creative techniques and fundamentals. Our hip hop classes, promote confidence and individual style.


Our tap classes focus on rhythm syncopation and style.

Musical Theater

Our musical theater classes introduce students to basic principals of theater techniques, styles and performance. Students learn to act and move as if they are in a true Broadway Musical.

Jumps & Turns